Wednesday, December 13, 2006


And It's Now Just A Total Frenzy

44 is Lisa who is going to be getting some lovely sock yarn, 45 is Siercia who got some amazing roving from Farm Witch, and 37 is Sally, who is now one book up (Harlot #2).

I pulled a couple myself today, and Ann has won The Yarn Harlot's third book, autographed personally for her own shiny self.

The Blogless Cindy from my daughter's school will shortly be in possession of Steph's first book, Mary Anne who has now sent a total of 30 hats will be receiving an autographed copy of Wendy's book. Wendy will be receiving two balls of Wildfoote ...

Oh, it just goes on and on, and more hats and prizes are arriving also.

More numbers and prizes tomorrow. And maybe some links, too, when I'm not running frantically out the door to work.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


More Wieners!

I like this part. This is fun.

Actually I liked all of the parts, really, but this is sort of like being Santa, which means I can justify the belly that jiggles when I laugh ...

Erin has won:

Two balls of Regia donated, yet again, by the generous and blogless Elizabeth.

Daisy, who is also blogless (what is it with you people?) and who I love like a sister because she sent me peanut brittle (intended for the kid, but she didn't like it, and it's my fave) has won a set of stitch markers from the lovely Miss Mouse.

And Lise P, who is also sans blog, has won a set of stitch markers and two balls of Socka yarn from my friend Ann

Congratulations to everyone!

I'll get MissyMoo to draw a couple more numbers after school tomorrow. She's feeling very important about being the Official Prize Drawing Princess. There may be a photo.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


And The Wieners Winners Are ...

This was all done very scientifically. Everyone's name had been entered into an Excel spreadsheet so I could keep track of numbers, blog addresses, etc. So I wrote down all of the numbers on pieces of card, tossed them into a small box, shimmied about with them for a bit and then let Her Surreal Highness dip her dainty pinkies into the box and pull out three cards.

#17 is Nita, who wins some gorgeous yarn generously donated by The Lady Wyvern

#42 is Heather who has won:

two skeins of Kureyon, colour #92, courtesy of me

And #26 is Carol who has won:

a great big ball of Regia Jubilee Color, enough for a pair of socks, donated by the lovely but blogless Elizabeth

Congratulations to the three of you. I hope you enjoy these. Heather and Carol, I think I have your snailmail addresses but could you drop me a line to confirm?

Stay tuned for more exciting prizes tomorrow!


And Finally ...

The last three pictures:

two more hats from Lisa who I believe is blogless

five hats and a scarf from Claudia who might be the Claudia that I know but I didn't link just in case, will fix when I hear from her

two hats that came in an envelope with no name and no note and no return address -- sing out if they're yours!

And so that's that. 188 hats (this total includes a couple of scarves and a couple of headbands also). 51 participants (including me, and an unidentified hat that was donated in the blanket box at Michael's).

You should all be proud of yourselves. Thank you so much!

There were a couple of hats that were knit for this project but that ended up being donated to an agency/charity closer to the knitter's home, which I applaud and completely understand. We need to keep our own neighbours warm.

I'm going to keep that PO box open for a few more months. I can't see any reason not to keep it year-round actually, so if you knit later on or have a sudden urge in April to turn out a hat or a scarf, please do so! There's (unfortunately) always a need.

And now, I'm off the soapbox. On to ... the prizes!

I shall go put numbers on pieces of paper and get the Mistress of Ceremonies to pull a few before she goes to bed and oh my sweet FSM it's 10:30. I'll do two or three tonight and then more over the coming days. There are at least fourteen or fifteen ... oh I do hope I made a list ...

Thanks again to everyone for making this a successful drive!


And Even More ...

eleven hats from the blogless Laura who kindly provided her own photograph (and isn't her table a lot nicer than my worktable that i've been taking all the pix on?)

Anyone getting tired of this? I'm not. My table is almost covered in hats again!

two hats from Guernseygal, from whose blog I stole this picture because I'm getting very lazy

two beautiful hats from Cynthia who, despite being ill, still found the energy and time to make this much-appreciated contribution

and this gorgeous hat from Leanne, who claims that she hasn't done fair isle in 78 years or something (she's trying to make me think she's old)

Just two more photos and then the prizes start!


Getting There!

You'd never think that taking a few photos was so hard, until you had to do it with a six-year-old "helping" (and we will not mention the amount of attitude she's spewing because if I got going someone would call the Ministry), and while trying to clean the entire house (um, why was it all my job again? anyone remember that one?) and cook and bla bla bla whine whine.

Anyhow, we have some more pictures and we're getting close here:

one hat from Heather

and two from Norma

one hat from Lisa, for whom I don't have any blog information

and two from Siercia

I'm going to post this now as I don't trust Blogger not to eat the whole damned thing if I try to put up more than this.

Not that I'm getting cynical in my old age or anything.


More Wonderful Stuff

can you believe it? crappy picture of 23 gorgeous items from The Lady Wyvern and "her" kids.

two hats from Elaine, for whom I have no further information -- if you have a blog let me know, k?

two hats from my buddy Big Alice

We're up to 156 hats now and I still have about ten packages to open, but I think it's time to have some sort of food (I think I haven't eaten for a long time, due to the dental thingie) and some coffee, so I don't kill people.

Watch for more pictures and prizes later today.


More Hats, and Some Prizes

I slept 15 hours after my dental stuff yesterday so I woke up thinking it was yesterday and it's instead now, and I missed the drawing date for Prize #1.

I am now taking photos of ALL of the remaining hats (and believe me there are a lot) and then when Miss Muppetta gets out of bed we shall hold a prize drawing. This will be likely broken into several posts so that Blogger doesn't vomit on me or something.

First up:

three hats from My Favourite Martian


three hats from aCat


seven hats from the blogless Sally


a hat from Christina

Off to open more boxes and envelopes -- this is sort of like Christmas!

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


The Hats and the Stats

Six beautiful hats from The Blogless Rachel H.

Six equally beautiful hats from Noolie.

Two gorgeous warm hats from the blogless Daisy in Vermont.

Three fantastic hats, a scarf and a headband from Julie in Vancouver who I think is also blogless

And last but not least, two gorgeous hats from (another) Lise, who I believe is also sans blog.

This brings the total to 115 and there are more packages to open here, I just wanted to do a quick update.

Most of the hats donated to date have found homes. I've got about 20 sitting here right now and after I open the rest of the packages I'll make another run downtown.

Stay tuned for more hat pictures. Prize draw starts Friday the 8th! (Which means, I suppose, that after I get the kid into bed I should list all of the prizes ...)

Monday, December 04, 2006


Unidentified Hats

So I got all paralyzed when I was asked if I was going to take pictures of all the hats. I have fourteen here for whom I have no identified sender. The people are entered on the spreadsheet and the hats are here, but I was in a rush and just opened the envelope, entered the information and flung the hats on the pile.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, are our fourteen orphans. All beautiful, all necessary, and all terribly, terribly embarrassing at this point.

There are actually seven in the last picture, but one is plain black and one is black with flecks and apparently my mad photography skillz include taking photographs of things that are almost the same colour sitting next to each other and then expecting you to be able to tell what's what from a blurry picture.

Clearly the fault is yours and not mine. You likely could use some glasses.

I have a ton of envelopes here and am about to feed the kid and then start the opening of the packages. And taking photographs and providing suitable links. For once.

Stay tuned for more excitement!

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