Sunday, December 10, 2006


More Wieners!

I like this part. This is fun.

Actually I liked all of the parts, really, but this is sort of like being Santa, which means I can justify the belly that jiggles when I laugh ...

Erin has won:

Two balls of Regia donated, yet again, by the generous and blogless Elizabeth.

Daisy, who is also blogless (what is it with you people?) and who I love like a sister because she sent me peanut brittle (intended for the kid, but she didn't like it, and it's my fave) has won a set of stitch markers from the lovely Miss Mouse.

And Lise P, who is also sans blog, has won a set of stitch markers and two balls of Socka yarn from my friend Ann

Congratulations to everyone!

I'll get MissyMoo to draw a couple more numbers after school tomorrow. She's feeling very important about being the Official Prize Drawing Princess. There may be a photo.

congratulations to all! there are some beautiful hats being made.
Yes, a photo of the Official Prize Drawing Princess would be great!
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