Saturday, December 09, 2006


And Finally ...

The last three pictures:

two more hats from Lisa who I believe is blogless

five hats and a scarf from Claudia who might be the Claudia that I know but I didn't link just in case, will fix when I hear from her

two hats that came in an envelope with no name and no note and no return address -- sing out if they're yours!

And so that's that. 188 hats (this total includes a couple of scarves and a couple of headbands also). 51 participants (including me, and an unidentified hat that was donated in the blanket box at Michael's).

You should all be proud of yourselves. Thank you so much!

There were a couple of hats that were knit for this project but that ended up being donated to an agency/charity closer to the knitter's home, which I applaud and completely understand. We need to keep our own neighbours warm.

I'm going to keep that PO box open for a few more months. I can't see any reason not to keep it year-round actually, so if you knit later on or have a sudden urge in April to turn out a hat or a scarf, please do so! There's (unfortunately) always a need.

And now, I'm off the soapbox. On to ... the prizes!

I shall go put numbers on pieces of paper and get the Mistress of Ceremonies to pull a few before she goes to bed and oh my sweet FSM it's 10:30. I'll do two or three tonight and then more over the coming days. There are at least fourteen or fifteen ... oh I do hope I made a list ...

Thanks again to everyone for making this a successful drive!

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