Monday, December 04, 2006


Unidentified Hats

So I got all paralyzed when I was asked if I was going to take pictures of all the hats. I have fourteen here for whom I have no identified sender. The people are entered on the spreadsheet and the hats are here, but I was in a rush and just opened the envelope, entered the information and flung the hats on the pile.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, are our fourteen orphans. All beautiful, all necessary, and all terribly, terribly embarrassing at this point.

There are actually seven in the last picture, but one is plain black and one is black with flecks and apparently my mad photography skillz include taking photographs of things that are almost the same colour sitting next to each other and then expecting you to be able to tell what's what from a blurry picture.

Clearly the fault is yours and not mine. You likely could use some glasses.

I have a ton of envelopes here and am about to feed the kid and then start the opening of the packages. And taking photographs and providing suitable links. For once.

Stay tuned for more excitement!

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