Sunday, October 22, 2006


The Hats Come Marching, One by One

Here we have, for your viewing pleasure, hat #3:

generously donated by Tammy.

I have received word that a fair number of others are complete but I won't list them on the sidebar until they're in my sweaty hands.

The splendid, but sadly blogless, Elizabeth has donated enough yarn for FOUR pairs of socks, so there are now officially nine prizes. I think. That's math -- stop it.

I guess there should be rules about this thingie, too, shouldn't there? I mean, the way to play is "knit, crochet or sew hats, send them" but I've had a few questions. I'll try to get the so-called rules up tonight and keep the post as the first thing on this blog so they're easy to find.

For now ... I think I have me some hats to knit. March on, everyone!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Oh Yes, There Will Be Hat

Yeah, I know, I'm reaching here with the titles, but gimme a break; I'm tired.

Here's the hat I made last night at work.

Yarn: Some sort of chunky bouclé (which will also be my stage name if I ever become a stripper) in an olive green; the colour in the picture isn't true.
Needles: Some crappy 6mm wooden needles for the ribbing, and then some 6.5mm Prym metal needles for the rest of it.
Pattern: Something I pulled out of my ass. Cast on 50, 2x2 rib for 2", add another stitch, switch to bigger needles, stst for 5" or so, then decrease by k2tog, k3, k2tog, p 1 round, k2 k2tog to end, p 1 round, bla bla bla until you have 10 stitches, draw up, secure, seam.
Size: For a kid, maybe 7-10 years old

I've been getting a fantastic response to this. Thank you everyone!

I'll try to take a blurry picture of the Kureyon prize later before I go to work. I hear rumours there may be some sock yarn happening also ...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006



This blog is dedicated to keeping track of prizes and participants in the hat challenge being held over at

I'll get some pictures of prizes and some more information up tomorrow. In the meantime, THANK YOU to everyone who is participating.

If you need to contact me, the address is

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