Thursday, October 12, 2006


Oh Yes, There Will Be Hat

Yeah, I know, I'm reaching here with the titles, but gimme a break; I'm tired.

Here's the hat I made last night at work.

Yarn: Some sort of chunky bouclé (which will also be my stage name if I ever become a stripper) in an olive green; the colour in the picture isn't true.
Needles: Some crappy 6mm wooden needles for the ribbing, and then some 6.5mm Prym metal needles for the rest of it.
Pattern: Something I pulled out of my ass. Cast on 50, 2x2 rib for 2", add another stitch, switch to bigger needles, stst for 5" or so, then decrease by k2tog, k3, k2tog, p 1 round, k2 k2tog to end, p 1 round, bla bla bla until you have 10 stitches, draw up, secure, seam.
Size: For a kid, maybe 7-10 years old

I've been getting a fantastic response to this. Thank you everyone!

I'll try to take a blurry picture of the Kureyon prize later before I go to work. I hear rumours there may be some sock yarn happening also ...

Could you put the P.O. Box address for the hats on this page? That would be a handy idea.
can i crochet my hat?
2 hats put in mail today, nothing fancy but I'm sure they will help keep someone warm.
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