Sunday, October 22, 2006


The Hats Come Marching, One by One

Here we have, for your viewing pleasure, hat #3:

generously donated by Tammy.

I have received word that a fair number of others are complete but I won't list them on the sidebar until they're in my sweaty hands.

The splendid, but sadly blogless, Elizabeth has donated enough yarn for FOUR pairs of socks, so there are now officially nine prizes. I think. That's math -- stop it.

I guess there should be rules about this thingie, too, shouldn't there? I mean, the way to play is "knit, crochet or sew hats, send them" but I've had a few questions. I'll try to get the so-called rules up tonight and keep the post as the first thing on this blog so they're easy to find.

For now ... I think I have me some hats to knit. March on, everyone!

I put a hat in the mail to you on October 23. I posted a pic in my blog . Ignore the date of the post. The pictures were in draft mode for a few days. Hope this helps.
Four hats are on their merry way from eastern Pennsylvania.
Ok i made 4 hats this weekend and the BF is still working i emailed you and asked for the address to send them to...duh ..then found it. I'm posting it here to prevent any one else being as silly as me :)
#241-718-333 Brooksbank Avenue
North Vancouver, BC
Canada V7J 3V8

I'm waiting until near the 15th of november to mail these over - is there a deadline?

laurie from victoria
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