Sunday, November 26, 2006


Tons More Hats!

There are lots more, and I'm very embarrassed to admit that there are fourteen for which I haven't identified the senders.

At first I was just taking pictures of a few here and there, as my camera is total ass and takes forever to take a picture (and as the zoom and focus features are no longer featured, taking pictures involves me moving back and forth, taking several pictures and hoping that one will be in focus enough to post) and also takes forever to upload. I was happily opening the packages, entering the name and number into a spreadsheet and then putting the hats in the pile.

And then someone asked me if I was going to post a picture of theirs. And someone else asked if I was posting pictures of non-bloggers' hats too. And I thought "Oh shit. Here I am trying to do something good and I'm busy slapping people in the face while I'm doing it because it's a little inconvenient to take pictures of everything." And so I've identified most of the hats but um, there are fourteen, like I said, that I don't have so much of a clue about. I'll post them here and ask people to identify them for me while I eat my shoes, all right?

The flagellation will commence tomorrow, however I've learned my lesson and am now taking pictures of everything.

For your ooh-ing and aah-ing pleasure:

ten hats and two teddy bears, contributed by my stalker Lise with whom i spent a very pleasant evening on friday. i don't think she has a blog but as soon as i say that i'll discover she's been writing one for six years and has now taken a contract out on me

And also too as well:

four hats from Karen. she tells me that the green one has a band made from cannibalized Noro gauge swatches (now that's dedication!) and that the red and yellow one is based on a pattern from See Jayne Knit, another vancouver fibre artiste

And here we have:

another ten hats from Mary Anne. if her name doesn't come up in the prize draw, she is still so getting a box with wine gums and part of my stash

This brings us to a total of 94 hats, and I've got at least another 20-30 sitting in envelopes and boxes waiting to be opened and photographed. Tomorrow. I can't face that camera again today (the batteries are actually held in with a rubber band. Ask Ryan, she's seen (and laughed at) it.

There are several Vancouver agencies that have expressed an interest an urgent need for hats. They'll be going to ARA Mental Health, Lookout Society, Covenant House, Union Gospel Mission, and to Triage Emergency Services and Care Society, whose URL seems to be down at the moment. I have 8 or 10 baby blankets here from another project, and those plus some of the little kid hats you've sent will be going to SheWay.

The "deadline" is still December 1. That's a mailing deadline, not a receiving one, so I'll start drawing for prizes on the 8th. The day of my "very unpleasant and difficult" tooth extraction.

I'll get MissyMoo to do the drawing. It'll cheer me up.

and i will keep the PO box until at least april of next year, probably longer, so if you get the urge to knit and send a hat for some reason in january, please do

Nice bunch of hats!
Hey, don't stress yourself out about the hat pics. Geez, Louise, you're doing enough already!
Probably 2 of the unidentified are mine - the dark blueish one and the dark blueish one with magenta stripes. Don't bother posting pictures, I know what they look like already and I'd rather you spend the time with your daughter or sleep. Also, I've got enough stash to last me years so I REALLY don't need any more, so I'd rather not be in the prize drawing, 'k? I'd rather someone else got the goodies.
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