Tuesday, November 07, 2006



Well, it appears that I'm a great big slacker, and my good intentions to photograph and post all of these hats as they appear has gone by the wayside. Which, of course, means that I suck.

Without further self-flagellation, I present for your delight:

three gorgeous hats from Cedar

two very cute and very warm hats from Cindy, who is blogless, as far as I know.

four hats and a scarf (yes, they want scarves too) from Psychobunny

ten hats from Mary Anne -- and apparently she's still knitting!

There are more, and I have photos of prizes (four prizes of gorgeous sock yarn!) but Blogger hates me and won't let me upload any more photos today.

I have a hat that I have finished knitting. I still need to block it and send it off. But it's coming, I promise!
Yay, the hats are coming in, one by one! I have 9 more ready to go and another on the needles.
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