Thursday, November 16, 2006


A Hurricane of Hats

A torrent of toques?

I hadn't gone to the PO box for a couple of days, due to MissyMoo being sick and me being a great big slacker. I almost DIED when I got there. A dozen or more packages -- quite wonderful.

Here are a few more of the gorgeous hats that have been heading (pun intended) this way:

five from Jennifer

one from Sue

five from Blogless Lois

five from Nita

There are a ton more, all equally gorgeous, but Blogger is acting up today and is taking about 10 minutes to let me even post one picture. Unfortunately this is eating into my sleeping time, so I'll just list the others.

Apologies to anyone whose photos I didn't get up here.

There were also:

Two from Wendy, two from Cathy, two from Beth, one from Laura, two from Jennie, one from Isobel, one from someone in Omaha who didn't send a name, and four from Carol.

We're at 69 hats and counting. Thank you all so much!

I'll update links on the sidebar after I've gotten some sleep. If there's anyone I've missed, or if there are links I haven't put in, please drop me a line at hatwench at shaw dot ca and I'll fix it up.

sorry, it was me. i though i had enclosed a note! i'm the omaha wench! did ya like the hat, at least?
Yay, you got mine! Wonderful!
waaaaaaaaaaah, i was hoping you'd post a pic of mine!
Yes, I liked the hat, dragon knitter! I'll post a pic of it, promise.
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